Use your benefits without compromises

luncheon and leisure time vouchers in a single card

unlimited acceptance possibilities

on-line payments

payments to the nearest cent

Pay at any venue with a POS payment terminal

Do not wrack your brain trying to find where to use your benefits. Do not waste your time with pages-long lists of acceptance network. We at Satispoll believe that there is great beauty in simplicity; therefore, we have introduced an innovative solution for employee benefits and their administration – a contactless payment card called Benefitka.

Impractical and inconvenient paper luncheon and leisure time vouchers are now a thing of the past. Benefitka incorporates both types of employee benefits into a single electronic card that can be used easily at any venue with a POS payment terminal. Purchase on-line and no hidden charges thanks to the new bullet-proof technology of the Mastercard® payment card.

Have your current benefit status and expense history always at hand in an on-line banking system.

It couldn’t get any easier!

The only thing left for you to choose is where to use your benefits: